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Jet Ski Rental Curacao

Have you always wanted to ride a jet ski yourself? Then this is your ultimate opportunity! Renting a jet ski on Curacao means enjoying a great view and a spectacular experience on the water.

Our spectacular Jet Ski Tour Curacao starts at the Caracas Bay, around the corner from Jan Thiel. Once on the jet ski you immediately experience an optimal feeling of freedom. And our guide will make sure you have plenty to see along the way. From the breathtaking coastline of Curacao with beautiful bays, unspoilt nature of the uninhabited islands to the imposing exclusive villas on the Spanish Water.

And not just on land. Because after you have discovered the island of Curacao from the jet ski, you can enjoy the splendor of the underwater world. Our guide provides you with a snorkel set and ensures that you get to see the most beautiful coral reefs and fish. There is a good chance that you will also encounter a resting sea turtle on one of the sandbanks of the Caracas Bay.

Trip to Klein Curacao

On a desert island, that’s where I’d like to be! Then make sure to take our all-inclusive trip to the unforgettable island of Klein Curacao, the smaller sister of Curacao. On this unspoilt island you are guaranteed to find yourself in a paradise atmosphere.

With the Klein Curacao Day Trip you sail by boat, our 50 foot yacht, in over an hour to this unforgettable destination. Once you have arrived, you can discover the island of Klein Curacao on your own. Go on an adventure and take a look at the famous lighthouse or at one of the washed up shipwrecks. Do you want to cool off? Then take a seat under one of the shade huts on the island or take a refreshing dip in the crystal clear azure blue sea water. But don’t be surprised if a friendly sea turtle greets you underwater!

Our crew ensures that you will not be short of anything on this trip to Klein Curacao, from a tasty BBQ to ready-made snorkel gear. All you need to bring is your swimwear, a beach towel, sun cream, camera and a good mood!

Blue Room Curacao

Are you on vacation on Curacao? Then you should definitely visit the Blue Room. With the Curacao Blue Room Tour you are assured of an unforgettable trip to the special Blue Room, an imposing cave with beautiful blue lighting.

After a relaxed boat trip along the rocky coast of Curacao, with the most beautiful bays and beaches, we arrive at the Blue Room. Before we enter the water, our guides inspect the state of the sea and you will receive an instruction from us. Even though a visit to the Blue Room is not dangerous, it is important that you as a visitor know how to get in and out of the cave. Safety comes first!

If you are in the cave, you can take unreal beautiful photos. The brilliant blue light reflects and colors the cave beautifully azure blue. On the rock walls you can find ancient fossils, corals and shells. And often you see large schools of fish swimming by under water. An underwater camera or case for your phone is therefore definitely recommended.

After our visit to the special Blue Room of Curacao, our boat sails on to a beautiful beach. Where you can relax on the beach or discover the underwater world while snorkeling.

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